M45 - The Pleiades

    Exposure Details
    Lens Sky-Watcher Esprit 100
    Focal Length 550mm
    Focal Ratio F5.5
    Mount Takahashi NJP
    Guiding Orion Magnificient Mini Autoguider
    Camera Canon T3i Full Spectrum Modified (Gary Honis)

    85 lights at 360 seconds each - 8.5 hours total exposure

    Calibration 30 darks, no flats, 100 bias
    Date September 25th-27th of the year 2014
    Temperature 24 degrees C
    SQM Reading Bortle 1
    Seeing Great
    Location Okie-Tex Star Party- Kenton, OK
    Software Used Backyard EOS, PixInsight, PHD Guiding
    Notes This was a fun little capture and my first attempt at long exposure with very bright stars. It also looks really good printed out in 16x20. This star cluster is moving through a cloud of interstellar dust and the brightness of the stars illuminate the dust for us to see in a long exposure picture. Therefore, this particular star cluster is very unnique and likely the most photographed star cluster in our galaxy. Following this trip, I attended the El Dorado Star Party in Texas and used this target as a comparison target for two different telescopes. Very similar to the M31 comparison I did, I used an FSQ106 sitting next to an Esprit 100 and produced a comparison result in a sense of DSLR photography. Both scopes perform very well and make a nice image. This comparison was also part of a Sky Watcher Esprit ad that ran in 2015 for Astronomy Magazine as well as Sky and Telescope Magazine. Possibly others that publish ads for Sky Watcher. The ad will be listed below.

    FSQ106 Image Below


    Esprit 100 Image Below


    Setup at El Dorado 2014 with a Takahashi NJP Mount and 2 Canon 60Da cameras

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