Listed below you will find links of those who have fully supported me and this great hobby. Please take a moment to stop by their site for a vist.

    Preston Starr operates the Dark Sky Observatory Collaborative (DSOC for short) located in the Davis Mountains near Fort Davis, TX. The DSOC is a fully remote observatory operation catering to educational institutions, citizen astronomers and other scientific oriented endeavors. Stop by their site and take a look around.

    I'm currently a volunteer for Three Rivers Foundation. This organization accepted me with arms wide open and has proven to be a great group of friends. They cater monthly star parties and host a long list of activities.

    Through the Looking Glass belongs to my friend and mentor on image processing. John Bozeman is a great guy to know and can use PixInsight with the best of them. Check out the tutorials on his website.

    Fort Worth Astronomical Society is where it all started for me. I've met some great folks within this organization and truly cannot say enough good things about them. Please stop by their site and take a peek at what's going on!

    Eddie and Cerita Walker operate the Mesa Valley Guesthouse in Kenton, Oklahoma. This home lies isolated on their 2,000 acre ranch across the highway from Camp Billy Joe, the site of the annual Okie-Tex Star Party. It is a perfect retreat for anyone looking to get away from the city. Astronomers will find a very special sky to wonder at in this very dark region. Stop by and look at what they have to offer.

    John Davis runs Bucksnort Observatory. A very smart and talented individual with some amazing work in digital photography. He also supports this community in more ways than I can describe in a few sentences. Stop by the snort and pound your hoof on his grounds!

    David Ault is an astro buddy from Cloudy Nights with a great knowledge of the processing tools we use to pre and post process data sets. I'd like to recognize him for his willingness to help beginners and offer a helping hand to anyone that needs it! Stop by an visit his gallery!

    Ron and Lisa Jones operate a photography, framing and jewelry making business in New Mexico. They are both extremely talented and I'm very honored to know them. Please stop by their website and browse their collections.



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