NGC 891

    Exposure Details
    Lens Sky-Watcher Esprit 150
    Focal Length 1050mm
    Focal Ratio F7
    Mount Astro Physics 1200GTO CP3
    Guiding Orion SSAG using AT65EDQ 420mm Lens
    Camera Canon 60Da

    124 lights at 360 seconds each - 12.4 hours total exposure

    Calibration 56 darks, no flats, 100 bias
    Date September 23rd-26th of the year 2014
    Temperature 24 degrees C
    SQM Reading Bortle 1
    Seeing Great
    Location Okie-Tex Star Party- Kenton, OK
    Software Used Backyard EOS, PixInsight, PHD Guiding
    Notes I'd been wanting to image this galaxy for a long while now but never had the focal length available to do so and still get a decent result. Even 1050mm is bit low. I'd really like to image this and NGC4565 at about 1600mm-1800mm and see what that yields. I was actually performing a side by side comapriosn while imaging this target against an Astro Physics 160 EDF Starfire. The results were very surprising and I was happy make it happen. The AP image, as well as photos of the setup will be listed below.

    AP160 Image Below


    Esprit 150 Image Below


    Setup at Okie-Tex 2014 with an AP1200 Mount and 2 Canon 60Da cameras

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