NGC2237 - The Rosette Nebula

    Exposure Details
    Lens Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 - No optional accessories needed
    Focal Length 550mm
    Focal Ratio F5.5
    Mount Takahashi EM200 Temma2M
    Guiding Orion Magnificient Mini Autoguider
    Camera Canon 1000D Rebel XS w/ Full Spectrum Modification
    Exposure 41 lights at 300 seconds each - 3.41 hours total exposure
    Calibration 30 darks, no flats, no bias
    Date November 3rd of the year 2013
    Temperature It was a bit chilly=)
    SQM Reading Bortle 2
    Seeing Great
    Location Comanche Springs Astronomy Campus - Crowell, TX
    Software Used Backyard EOS, Deep Sky Stacker, PixInsight, PHD Guiding
    Notes This one even floored me. I was totally not expecting to see this but there she is in all her glory! I plan to add some H-Alpha to it later. This image received a publication in the February issue of Astronomy, Sky and Telescope and Astronomy Technology Today magazines. It is my first publication and was selected for an ad for Sky-Watcher Telescopes. The Esprit 100, which was used to take the photo.

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