M8 - The Lagoon Nebula and M20 - The Trifid Nebula

    Exposure Details
    Lens Takahashi FSQ106
    Focal Length 530mm
    Focal Ratio F5
    Mount Takahashi EM200 Temma2M
    Guiding Orion SSAG Autoguider using an AT65EDQ lens at 420mm
    Camera Canon T3i Rebel w/ Gary Honis Full Spectrum Modification
    Exposure 35 lights at 300 seconds each - 2.91 hours total exposure
    Calibration 30 darks, no flats, 100 bias
    Date May 31st of the year 2014 - Taken During The Texas Star Party in Fort Davis, TX
    Temperature It was a bit warm but nice=)
    SQM Reading Bortle 1
    Seeing Excellent
    Location Prude Ranch - Fort Davis, TX
    Software Used Backyard EOS, PixInsight, PHD Guiding, CS2
    Notes Nothing major to talk about here. I've been waiting all winter to image this region and was able to finally grab some exposure. I'm very happy with this result and I hope you enjoy!


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