The Elephant Trunk- IC1396

    Exposure Details
    Lens Sky-Watcher Esprit 80
    Focal Length 400mm
    Focal Ratio F5
    Mount Paramount MX+
    Guiding Lodestar X2 Off-Axis Guiding
    Camera Starlight Xpress Trius SX694
    Exposure 10 Hrs Total Exposure - 600 second subs Ha and OIII
    Calibration 30 darks, no flats, 200 bias
    Date May 20th - June 28th of the year 2017
    Temperature -15 C Below Ambient
    SQM Reading Bortle 1
    Seeing Great
    Location DSOC Remote Observatory - Fort Davis, TX
    Software Used The SkyX, Sequence Generator Pro, PixInsight, PHD Guiding, Photoshop,
    Notes First light image for the Esprit 80 setup at the DSOC remote site in Fort Davis


© 2017 Astrophotography by Jerry Gardner